About us


          Virtual Pulse is a European company, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Having sufficiently successful experience in monetization , localization and publishing of various on-line projects, on-line games and mobile applications, company has established a good reputation in countries of CIS region, as well as in Europe. A great number of strategic partners, professional team, a legally correct approach, and also our own channels for content distribution help the company to successfully introduce and publish a wide variety of different game projects. In addition to that, company has an extensive experience in payment methods involvement for on-line projects, both local and international.

                Who can be interested in our services? First of all, game content developers (mobile games, online games, browser games). For developers we can offer localization, payment systems involvement and monetization, new sales channels in different countries. Second, for the owners of portals, game resources, mobile operators we can offer the best game content on the best terms.

                The geography of our cooperation is very broad. We work with companies from Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and many others.