We have a wide experience in publishing of java and android mobile games in Czech Republic and Ukraine. If you have a high-quality game content, we will gladly help you to sell it. In Czech Republic we work with both mobile portals and mobile operators, such as O2 and T-Mobile. In Ukraine we work with all mobile operators. If you start working with us, you will find new markets of your interest and millions of potential buyers of your game content.


                If you have online browser game and you want to enter the market of another country, whether Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine or Russia,   we will help you with game localization and publishing. We work with different game portals and we can find thousands of new gamers in the country of your interest.


               If you are looking for not just a publisher, but want to establish a representation of your online project in Czech Republic, Ukraine or Russia, we are ready to cooperate. We will localize and adapt your project, we will act in the joint interest and we will develop your project on the basis of partnership.